Penetration Testing

Need a pentest with results you can read, understand, and take action on? Let our certified pen-testers be at your service!

Our testers provide intensive security / vulnerability discovery and exploitation (non-distructive). We find weaknesses an attacker could use to penetrate the network, computer systems, or private data.

  • Uses tools and techniques very similar to those employed by criminals
  • To thwart hackers, we pretend to be one
  • The goal is an actual, limited "break in"
  • Customized scope to meet specific needs
  • Performed by GIAC certified pen-testers

giac certified

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Types of Ethical Hacking and Penetration Tests

Black Hat vs White Hat

Black Hat - postured from the role of the average hacker, with no internal knowledge of the target system. Testing can be launched from inside the organization to simulate a perimeter breach scenario or hostile employee. Tests are also launched over the Internet to any publicly available network resources.

White Hat - testers are provided with documentation about the organization, network and applications. This approach covers more infrastructure with increased speed and efficiency.

Further optional tests to chose from...

  • Network services test
  • Remote, across the Internet
  • Local, from the target facilities
  • Web application tests
  • Wireless security tests
  • Social engineering tests


Why do a penetration test?

  • To test things as they actually are, not as they are intended to be
  • It is deeper than most audits
  • Help determine risk levels better than typical technology reviews
  • Pen testing and ethical hacking help to find mistakes that other approaches miss
  • Identify unknown problem with configuration or architecture that might be overlooked in a review

Will my network services be impacted?

Penetration testing, especially discovery, cause some impact to target environments. This is minimized by slowing the rate of scans and performing them during off business peak hours.