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     Firewall Compliance

Detect and prevent security policy holes before auditors do. Tackle one of the toughest jobs in IT Security by fixing and replacing overly-permissive firewall rules without impact to existing business applications.

  • Tighten Firewall Access Rules
  • Application Discovery and Mapping
  • Rule Business Justification Determination

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     Security Assessment

Find vulnerabilities before the bad guys do. Identify and prioritize computing network infrastructure threats, vulnerabilities and risks. Analyze how threats can compromise data integrity, privacy and availability. Review organizational process flow for gaps. Translate findings into understandable language for executive leadership.


     Automation and Orchestration

For years managing security device policies has be an manual time, consuming process. Admins are slowed down further by clunky graphical user interfaces struggling with policies containing thousands of rules. Drastically cut your firewall rule or security policy change implementation time by automating basic repetitive tasks. 

  • Eliminate redundant new request for access that already exists.
  • Integrate with existing change management systems.
  • Asses risk level for new changes for adherence to security standards.


    Penetration Testing

Let our GIAC Certified Penetration Testers find your company's holes before the hackers do. Our expert reports will be actionable and understandable. We will customize our tests to meet your specific needs, including anything from social engineering tests, stolen equipment tests to cryptographic cracking tests.

*** GPEN Certified
  • Public IP space
  • Internal corporate network services
  • Wireless security


    Data Analytics

Storing, parsing and searching massive amounts of syslog and security traffic logs is something we are accustomed to. Make sense of that data and keep the useful parts around for as long as possible through advance compression and storage techniques.

  • Automated machine learning
  • Analysis of system health and performance statistics
  • Threat and attack identification
  • Capacity planning and forecasting


     Professional Services

Enjoy the relaxation of working with 10+ year experienced professionals who know how to get the tough, high risk work done after hours. Let our due diligence and calm under pressure benefit your future roll-outs. Enjoy benefits such as...

  • Less downtime during upgrades
  • Reduced administrative errors
  • Superior Documentation and planning
  • Improved project time line performance

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